Team Member's Resumes

Our expert-level software engineers have the skills, energy and vision to deliver high-quality solutions. Take a look at their resumes and see for yourself.

Gilford  - Highly skilled in the development of Java Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications and Object Oriented methodology.
Kurt      - Experienced in Network Security, Web, and TCP/IP solutions as well as HW/SW Integration and Automated Systems.
Patrick  - Experience includes Web application and GUI development using C, C++, Java Applets, Servlets and JSP.
Wes      - Experienced in C++, Assembly language and HW/SW Integration as well as the development of Electronic Hardware.
Scott      - Exceptional programming skills including C/C++ and Object Oriented Design methodology, as well as TCP/IP skills.
Douglas - Experience includes TCP/IP and GUI development using Java, C, and C++ as well as real-time processor self-test software.